Botanical Name: Acer palmatum 'Dissectum'
 Common Name: Laceleaf Japanese Maple
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Plant Type

Tree, Shrub


Height Range



Flower Color


Flower Season


Leaf Color

Light Green


Bark Color



Fruit Color



Fruit Season



Full, Half



Medium, Extra in Summer


Growth Rate



Soil Type



Soil Condition

Rich, Well-drained


Soil pH

Acid, Neutral


Adverse Factors

Design Styles


Accenting Features


Seasonal Interest


Location Uses


Special Uses


Attracts Wildlife

Information by: Ventura master gardeners

Photographer: Gordon Courtright

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WIth a year-round interest, this is the most airy and delicate of all maples. Its produces a glowing red growth in the spring, a soft green in the summer, and golden growth in the fall. This deciduous plant will survive best in a virtually wind-free environment, and is a handsome addition to the garden setting. Avail. in 2G., 5G., 7G., 15G., 24" Box, 30" Box, 36" Box, 42" Box, 48" Box
Partial shade is best for this small tree, which may be used as an accent to azaleas, for bonsai, or in patios and entryways. Should it be planted in a soil, the tree should receive a soil that holds water but drains quickly.